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The user flirter chat feels a little overly complex. I read through a lot of reviews before downloading and people were saying they HAD to use Facebook or instagram to make their accounts however this must have been changed as I used email and pics from my phone.

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If you are looking for a confidence booster this will match you with lots of people however most will not be in the filters you pick. As far as payments you have to sign up when you get the app for the 7 day free trail.

This is where you need to cancel to not get billed. So to summarize the app is good and worked as a confidence booster. Réponse du développeurDear Customer.

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Thank you for the review! The app changes your location based on the geo data that you share with the app when you turn on location services. It locates you near the city or town that is closest to you. It's dynamic and it changes whenever you change your physical location.

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Currently, the app shows you all the people close to you first. When you swiped all of them, you will see all other users that are active at that moment.

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We are working on a distance filter right now, and it will be improved in our future updates! Also, deactivating the app will not automatically stop your subscription so please manage your subscription in your iTunes account - Subscriptions section.

Its 1 flaw is that You cant find someone more local.

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The limit for searching someone to like and match with is 25 Miles and you cant go any lower. Finding someone to match with just in my own Philadelphia area is hard.

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Im mostly matched or find people to like who mostly live in out of state or out of city areas and i prefer to find matches and people to like that are more local to me to make better friends and relationships. Lacking a grid screen browser feature is another thing this app you would think have but don't.

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Unable to search for users and unable to have a display of many different users all at once on screen to choose from, all of these things IF ADDED would have made Hily in my opinion one of the best dating apps you could possibly get off apple store.

Hopefully my feedback flirter chat more enough to the developers and is taken into consideration. I just wish above all else to be able to lower the location search for matches down to 1m to give a greater chance of matching and liking someone in my own area.

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I would have understood if they was to put my profile flirter chat hold and reviewed it and then give me a follow up on exactly what I had did to get banned pacifically but instead I did not get that.